The stone carvers

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Smith & Barber – Sculpture Atelier Inc.

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Northwest Stone Sculptors Association

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Supplier of Professional Stone Working Tools

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Smith & Barber – Sculpture Atelier Inc.

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All wood trimming hammers, stone finishing hammers and think splitting hammers are hand forged and thru will for toughness. Welcome to the Website of Beckford's Art Works Laurence Beckford is a Member of the Master Carvers Association. Beckford's Art Works Specialises in wood and stone carving, letter cutting, joinery, and repair of Ecclesiastical woodwork and stone masonry.

Jane Urquhart is the bestselling author of five internationally acclaimed, award-winning novels. She is also the author of a collection of short fiction, Storm Glass, and three books of lives in Southwestern Ontario.

Create a lasting memorial for your loved one with one of our memorial stone creations. Use it in a memorial garden, or as a cemetery headstone.

We can create picture memorials with our Pictures In. Information about traditional and contemporary Native American Indian sculpture with links to native artists from several tribes. Covers Zuni fetishes, Southwestern figurines, and wood, stone, bone, and soapstone carving. History. Prehistoric Stone Sculpture.

Leaving aside the earlier but more controversial effigies, and the flat engravings seen in Paleolithic rock art, the first prehistoric sculpture in stone was the series of Venus figurines which began appearing across Europe from about 30, BCE.

Supplier of Professional Stone Working Tools

They include: the Austrian Venus of Galgenberg (also known as the Stratzing Figurine), the French Venus of. Smith & Barber – Sculpture Atelier Inc. Devoted to the time-honoured craft of stone carving. We are true to the craft, true to the art.

The stone carvers
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