The spread of amphetamine use around the globe

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The spread of amphetamine use around the globe

Guy Wilson argues that for a successful minority, "amphetamines symbolised the final, on-the-ball, cool image" and that they came "stimulation not intoxication [.

During World War II, amphetamines were widely used to keep the fighting men going. During the Vietnam war, American soldiers used more amphetamines than the rest of the world did during WWII. In Japan, intravenous methamphetamine abuse reached epidemic proportions immediately after World War II, when supplies stored for military use became available to the public.

Learn about amphetamine addiction and substance use disorder. Amphetamines are a type of central nervous system stimulant. They provide a sense of increased wakefulness, energy, attention, concentration, sociability, self-confidence, improved mood, and decreased appetite.

As the use of amphetamines spread, so did their abuse. Amphetamines became a cure-all for such things as weight control to treating mild depression. This pattern changed drastically in the s with the increased availability of injectable methamphetamine.

During World War II, amphetamine and methamphetamine were used extensively by both the Allied and Axis forces for their stimulant and performance-enhancing effects. Eventually, as the "an entire subculture known as party and play is based around methamphetamine use.".

In short, the administration of stimulants by the military contributed to the spread of drug habits that sometimes had tragic consequences—because amphetamine, as many veterans claimed.

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The future with amphetamines The spread of amphetamine use around the globe
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