The moonstone commentary

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The Moonstone Analysis

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Commentary on Collins’s Choice of Narrators in The Moonstone

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The Moonstone – Wilkie Collins

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Warning: this annotation reveals the solution of the novel's mystery.

The Moonstone Commentary

The Moonstone is typically read as one of the first detective novels in British fiction. Published serially inthe novel sets out to identify the thief who steals an expensive gem, the moonstone, from the heroine, Rachel Verinder.

English Kate Etienne Commentary The passage from Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone is taken from chapter four of the narrative. The passage suggests that this work is a fictitious novel due to the form of prose as well as its lack of factual reference.

The Moonstone – Wilkie Collins

Aug 16,  · The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins: a discussion August 16, at pm (Book clubs, Mystery fiction) Tuesday night our mystery book discussion group, aka “the Usual Suspects,” met to discuss The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.

The Moonstone became Collins’s last great literary success, published at the end of an extraordinarily productive period which saw four successive novels become best-sellers.

Commentary on Collins’s Choice of Narrators in The Moonstone

After The Moonstone he wrote novels with more specific social commentary, which did not achieve the same audience. Moonstone Commentary Essay In life there is no turning back into the past to try to change what could have happened, for it is physically impossible, and the future will always be affected by the choices we made in the past.

Dive deep into Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion.

The moonstone commentary
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