Immigration to the united states in the 1800s

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25f. Irish and German Immigration

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Chinese Immigrants in the United States

Unlike a country such as China that largely incorporated indigenous peoples, the United States has a diversity that to a great degree has come from an immense and sustained global immigration. Probably no other country has a wider range of racial, ethnic, and cultural types than does the United States.

Irish and German Immigration. Illustrated London News. Steamers carried Irish emigrants to Liverpool where their transatlantic voyage began. In the middle half of the nineteenth century, more than one-half of the population of Ireland emigrated to the United States. In the late s, people in many parts of the world decided to leave their homes and immigrate to the United States.

Immigration to the United States

Fleeing crop failure, land and job shortages, rising taxes, and famine, many came to the U. S. because it was perceived as the land of economic opportunity. People of European or Asian decent immigrat ed to the United States in the mid's.

Gjert Hovland, from Norway, was one of these people. Immigration records, more popularly known as "ship passenger arrival records," may provide evidence of a person's arrival in the United States, as well as foreign birthplace.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has immigration records for various ports for the years The history of the Jews in the United States has been part of the American national fabric since colonial the s, the Jewish community of Charleston, South Carolina, was the largest in North the late s and the beginning of the s, many Jewish immigrants left from various nations to enter the U.S.

as part of the general rise of immigration movements.

Immigration to the united states in the 1800s
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