Effectiveness of handling guest complaints by front desk office staff as observe by the guest at sel

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Handling the Angry Patient​​​​​​​​

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Front Office Staff Rules and Regulations

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Whenever guest calls a front desk and requests a late checkout, the front desk employee should inform the guest about any additional charges. EXPRESS CHECKOUT Guest sometimes encounter long lines at front desk before am and 12 noon, a prime checkout period for many guests.

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Assist the Front Office Manager in directing and supervising the operational activities of the hotel's front office within corporate and hotel guidelines to provide the highest standards of courteous service while permitting acceptable profit levels.

The best way to successful communication is to observe your guest’s own communication style and to respond accordingly.

HANDLING COMPLAINTS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

For instance, when you are dealing with a guest, you may notice that some guests make small conversations and others may be interested in the issue to be dealt with quickly and spontaneously.

• Promoting the highest levels of service to guests and clients of the hotel when being dealt with by front desk staff, maximising guest satisfaction • Ensuring all guest comments, including complaints, are dealt with in an effective and speedy manner in order to facilitate good guest relations, optimise guest satisfaction and record outcomesTitle: Front Of House Operations .

Effectiveness of handling guest complaints by front desk office staff as observe by the guest at sel
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