An introduction to the history of the la lakers a basketball powerhouse

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This Day In Lakers History: George Mikan Sets Playoff Record For Points Scored

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Depending on who you ask, this is either a total shock or something that makes complete sense. Amongst those giants are the Los Angeles Lakers, along with the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls.

For the Lakers, their rich history dates back to an era in Minneapolis.

Fixing The Los Angeles Lakers

Other than the addition of James to the Lakers squad, there is so much to learn about the team and the players in general. For example, you can learn about the coming fixtures, injury concerns, the team’s position, and the juicy gossips.

Bidding Adieu to the Palace of Auburn Hills

NBA History. Season Recaps NBA Awards Legendary Moments Legends Draft History All-Star Finals: Lakers Hold Off Pistons. Celtics Reshape Roster In ' Thompson Makes History Against Kings.

We continue with our “Fixing” series this week at Basketball Insiders, and next up is the Los Angeles Lakers. Arguably the most storied franchise in NBA history, it’s been a bumpy past few.

NBA Daily: Trae Young Looks To Be Next Up

The man needs no introduction, but he might have needed a little extra cash during his storied run with the Lakers between Despite earning a lot for his time, even mid-level stars would walk away from his salary today.

An introduction to the history of the la lakers a basketball powerhouse
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